Single Drum
Pulling Units

At Floyd’s Welding Service, our single drum pulling units are used in the oil industry to pull rod & tubing. Our rigs are completely rebuilt by highly experienced employees, with quality materials and brands. Some important features of our single drum pulling units include: air clutch on jack shaft, keeping the cost down and making repairs easier, also do clutch in drum; rear Rexroth air control valves & control panel overhead; and, 1/2″ seamless pipe poles 10″ and 13″.

Not only do we sell completely refurbished rigs, we can also conduct any repair, troubleshooting or refurbishing you would need on your existing rig. Floyd’s Welding is completely tooled up to perform any repair or replacement you may need. We have the capability to both go on site to rig locations and do mobile welding and work, and have a large factory for larger, more complex work. Simple problems can be easily identified when we go on location and troubleshoot rigs while running, working directly with those who operate the rigs. We inspect rigs in shop, and perform service, oil changes & complete greasing of unit. Facelifts and reconditioning of units is also within our scope. We stock a large supply of rig parts, so we’re ready to get you moving again when you’re broke down. We also have an extensive network of vendors to quickly supply any parts not currently in stock.

For Sale:

  • 1996 International w/ Single Wilson

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Typical Single Drum Set-Up

  • Single Drum – Cooper, Wilson, Franks, Walker-Neer

  • 3-1/2″, 4″ or 5″ Jack Shaft

  • High Torque WPI Air Clutch

  • 120 gal. Fuel Tank (Lockable Filler Cap)

  • 120 gal. Hydraulic Tank (Lockable Filler Cap)

  • New Bearings, Races & Seals

  • New Brake Bands & Blocks

  • New Chains & Sprockets (Case Hardened)

  • Drum Brake Flanges Turned Down

  • New Guards Built

  • Oil Bath Chain Guard to Motor with Adjustable Chain Idler

  • New Poles, 13″ to 10″, and 10″ to 8″, All Seamless, 1/2″ Wall

  • John Deere Engines – 210 hp, 185 hp, 155 hp, 99 hp

  • Control Panel Overhead with Rexroth Valves

  • Sandline Spooler Guide System

  • Full Canopy

  • New Style Stainless Steel Cable Shifter

  • 3′ to 4′ x 8′ Junk Basket

  • H.D. Bumper with Telescoping Square Tube Extensions, Skid Plate & Hinged Brush Guards

  • (2) 60,000# Hydraulic Jacks with Safety Locking Wings

  • Tulsa 34 or 22,000# Pole Raising/Telescoping Winch, Gear Driven or Hydraulic Motor

  • Coupled Tulsa 6000# Swamp Winch

  • 5 Spool/4 Spool Control Block

  • Push Pole Over Center Hydraulic Cylinder & Controller

  • (2) Large Tool Boxes, Lockable

  • Reconditioned Tongs

  • Power Tong Adjustable Stiff Arm

  • Back Screw Adjuster to Catch Pole

  • Power Swivel Hook-Ups, Quick Attach

  • Rear Swinging Tong Rack (Greasable)

  • Steel Conduit Underbody for wiring

  • All LED Lighting, Rubber Mounted

  • Wiring Soldered & Silicone Sealed

  • Epoxy Primer & Acrylic Enamel Paint

Typical Repair/Rehab Word Requested:

  • Rig up Jack Shaft & Move Motor to Put Clutch In & Run Control Valves

  • Rig up Air Compressor

  • Revamp Hydraulic System to Operate Power Sub

  • Rebuild Power Sub – Tear Down, Fix Oil Leaks, New Motor & Primer/Paint

  • Replace Raising Line in Pole

  • Rebuild Linkages

  • Rebuild Handles & Pivots

  • Rebuild Bed

  • Build Guards

  • Pull drums, and repair as needed

  • Install New Brake Bands

  • Replace Sprockets

  • Straighten Poles -or- Replace with New 8″, 10″ or 13″

  • Cut Out Old Jacks & Remount New 60,000# Jacks

  • Rebuild Control Spool Valve -or- Replace

  • Turn Drums up to 42″ O.D.

  • Replace Bearings & Seals

  • Rexroth Air Control Valves

  • Side Panel Grease Zerts (Hosed)

  • Troubleshoot Noises

  • Tongs (D & D, Foster, BJ, Teda)

  • Custom Blocks – We Build Blocks

Past Projects

Single Drum Pulling Unit

Single Drum Pulling Unit

Super Wilson Single Drum

Super Wilson Single Drum

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Walkerneer Single Drum

Wichtex C-30 Single Drum

Wichtex C-30 Single Drum

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Wilson Senior Single Drum

Wilson Senior Single Drum

Wilson Senior Single Drum